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My name is Cole Kmet, and I have been working with Brian for the past four years. Brian is one of the best trainers in the Chicago land area and you can't go wrong in picking Brian. Brian has helped me to become the athlete I am today. Through his great workouts, I have been able to get better every time I see him.  Thanks to LeSeur Training Systems for everything they have done for me!

Cole Kmet ESPN #3 TE 2017

Testimonial 2



I'm Blake Holley, starting junior middle linebacker at Barrington High School. I was always a decent athlete when I was younger but when I started training with Brian in 7th grade I noticed a difference immediately! I became a lot faster, explosive and noticed improvement in my fast twitch muscles. Brian truly loves what he does and takes the time to incorporate new exercises to improve his workouts time after time. Brian is someone who knows what's he's doing and has helped get people to the collegiate level and beyond. If you want to bring your game to the next level no matter what sport you play, I highly recommend LeSeur Training Systems!

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Brian LeSeur is by far the best trainer in Barrington and the surrounding towns. With me being in two sports, he constantly is trying to give me the best workouts and the best schedule to fit me. My explosiveness and strength increased greatly these past couple years with Brian and it continues to do so. I would recommend LeSeur's Training Systems to anyone who is serious about their sport or sports and wants to get better.


Starting DE at Barrington



Testimonial 4



Brian LeSeur's training is the best place to learn how to properly lift. I have been there for only a month and I've already gained 5 lbs of muscle. He's the best around. Look at who he has worked with.  If you want to train correctly, I strongly recommend LeSeur training systems.


Starting TE/WR at Barrington.

Testimonial 5



I'm always looking for ways to push myself to the best of my abilities and Brian LeSeur is the best at making me the best that I can be. I've worked with Brian from my 8th grade youth football season and I am still currently working with him. As a Barrington High School athlete, Brian has a vision of the potential skill that I can achieve through his training system. He's an overall great guy and he knows what he's talking about when it comes to making you the best that you can be in anything. 



My name is Seamus Moran. Coming into high school I had no idea how much football meant to BHS. I wanted to be like the greats who walked the halls before me. I knew I was good and would always rely on talent, but Brian showed me what hard work truly is. Because of Brian, I've been on varsity every year of my high school career. This will be my 3rd year starting as a Wide Receiver. Over the years training with Brian there has been a substantial difference in strength, speed, and leadership qualities. He made me the player who I am today. Besides football, I look up to Brian as a big brother. Not only is he a great trainer, but a great person as well. Brian doesn't just train football players. He trains any athlete (male or female) who seeks the best training. There's no other trainer in Barrington who has produced as many D1 athletes. As I continue working with him to prepare for my senior year, I hope to see new faces working with Brian. Join the family. #LeSeursTraining 



LeSeur's training is great because it never stays the same. Brian is constantly trying to improve his workouts and how he operates in order to get the most out of the athletes he trains. He has helped me improve many facets of my game and I know that the work we put in will pay off come crunch time in November!



Training with Brian has been one of the best decisions I have made. Growing up I was never the fastest or the strongest, but as I began to work with Brian, he built me into the athlete I am today. I have not only seen improvements in my speed, agility, and strength, but LeSeur's Training Systems has taught me how to work hard and never give up. Brian pushes you both mentally and physically like no one else can. When you think you are done, he throws another great workout at you. Heading into Freshman and Sophomore year camp, I was in far better condition and shape than everyone else. After working out with Brian, everything else seems like a piece of cake. Brian truly is one of the best trainers I have worked with. Not only is he a great trainer, but an even better person. He has great thing to come, so join the family.



When I first began working with Brian I was an average athlete who was pretty out of shape. I began to work with Brian on speed and explosiveness and he has helped me tremendously. After just several weeks of training I began to see results. Whether it was speed and explosiveness or overall strength, Brian has helped me accomplish it all. Now just about a year later I am a much more accomplished athlete who is much stronger and faster than before, I give that credit to Brian.



Training my body to reach peak performance has been something I’ve worked very hard to do for many years. Training with Brian LeSeur has helped me to learn several different ways to design specific workouts. Brian’s dedication and vision this arena have directly helped me in becoming the University of Toledo’s starting middle linebacker as a true sophomore. With Brian, I truly believe you can accomplish any goal you want as long as you’re willing to put in the hard work and dedication that is necessary to achieve it.
“Whether you think you can or you can’t – you are right!” Train smart and hard to accomplish your dreams!



My name is Andre Anderson Jr. I've been blessed to play football at every level. Including the NFL. Over my years I've worked with numerous trainers. Most notable Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson at his camp in Allen Texas. After trying out... Brian LeSeur's Training, I decided to hire Brian as my full time trainer. I believe he is one of the best, hard working trainers in the Chicago land area. He never settles. He truly want to be the best in the world. His unique ways to push his athletes physically and mentally separated himself from anyone else. Working with Brian really put my game to the next level. I really endorsed him and encourage others to work with him.



Working with Brian LeSeur during my free agency has helped me so much with staying in shape, keeping me motivated and preparing me for my opportunity. Brian focuses on the little things and we are using this time we have together to fine tune every aspect of my athletic ability. LeSeur's training systems has a very bright future and i plan on working with Brian for years to come.

North Dakota State University
National Champions 11,12,13



Brian is a coaching genius! Not only does he know his stuff, but Brian has the unique ability to break down physical and mental barriers to bring an athlete further than they could ever imagine. If you want to take your fitness to the next level, Brian is your guy!

Fordham University 
NCAA D1 Football Team Captain
Barrington Varsity Football Coach in 2012



I've worked with numerous trainers during my career, but Brian is somebody that really set himself apart through his hard work and dedication to be one of the best in the industry. He is constantly trying to get better and take his athletes to the next level. Brian is just scratching the surface of his potential in my opinion.




I'm Alec Andrea, Sophomore defensive back on varsity at BHS. I recommend any athlete that's looking for improvement in their speed, strength, and explosiveness to go to Brian's. I've only worked with Brian for the past month and I already see improvement in all 3 of those. I promise if you go to Brian's, you will see results.




I graduated from Barrington High School in 2011 and was fortunate enough to receive scholarships to play football at several Division 1 schools. I decided to attend Western Michigan University located in Kalamazoo Michigan where I was a four-year starter and represented my peers on our leadership board for all five years I was there. I recently graduated with my degree in Business Management and now training for the National Football League. When searching for a trainer and location to workout, I wanted to find something local so I didn’t have to travel very far and I wanted to find someone who was going to push me and demand more out of me. That’s when I found Brian LeSeur with LeSeur Training systems in Lake Barrington Illinois. Brian is the type of trainer who wants you to grow and succeed in your sport. Every workout he reminds me of why I’m doing this and where he sees me going as long as I work hard. He motivates and leads you through the workout while making sure you are using the proper lifting form.

I could have gone to a larger more fancy training facility but I wouldn’t have gotten the attention to detail that Brian gives me in our one-on-one lifts. Most trainers have a set program where you lift the same lifts and work on the same muscles every week, what makes Brian different is that he not only focuses on the main groups of muscles but he works the smaller ones that help prevent injury and strains. He switches up the workouts to give you a different feeling and keeps you on your toes so you never know what he might add to your workout. His facility has new equipment that can accommodate any sport or type of training you might need. Training for the NFL is important and I think picking a trainer is just as important as the training itself and that’s why I believe in Brian LeSeur.



LeSeur Training System is the best place to train. I recommend Brian because he is able to always push me and find new ways to get better. He has helped me to become the athlete I am today.



I started working with Brian in December of my senior year. Brian is one of those guys who knows the game and knows what it takes to be successful which is why I always say Brian should be ranked alongside some of the top trainers in the Chicagoland area. Having someone who wants to see you succeed as bad as you want to yourself is truly amazing. For my senior year track success, I give full credit to LeSeur Training Systems. They helped me become the Division 1 athlete I am today.



My name is Colin Castagna, a sophomore defensive end for Pennsylvania State university. I started working with Brian this year. Brian is a guy that knows what it takes to get to the next level in any sport and he wants you to reach your goals just as bad as you want it. He's an incredible trainer who focuses on a lot more than just your strength. He knows how to balance your workout to your needs and whatever skill level you may have. He can tailor any workout to work for you while providing a super supportive atmosphere. More importantly Brian will always have your back when it comes down to getting to the next level and pursuing your dreams. He loves what he does and he will fit you into his schedule no matter what it takes. He's the best trainer I've ever worked with and there is nobody I would recommend higher than LeSeur Training.

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