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Group Training is probably the most popular of the LeSeur’s Training Systems Programs. In groups of 8-12 athletes, the number is small enough so that I, as a trainer, can focus more on the individual progress and skills of each athlete. At the same time, the athletes feed off of one another, forcing them to push harder than they might if they were only up against themselves as they would be in a One-On-One session. It’s fun to train with friends and the competition level gets elevated.

Another available mode of training is Team Training. I really do stress Team Training because it is Team Building at the same time. Training in a group encourages competition and pushing yourself a little bit harder, but Team Training adds an important element. Athletes are not just training to get better; they’re training for a common goal, to win together. I enjoy the reward of Team Training because I get to watch them work together, overcome differences, and use the skills they’ve learned to grow as a team during the season and offseason as well.



Ultimately, there are times, when One-On-One Training is necessary. When we’re focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses, those are things that need to be done outside of a group environment so the athlete can really focus and direct their efforts within. Each session is one hour long. I will put you through a custom workout suited to your level and focusing on areas that need improvement. We will set a time that works for both of our schedules and make the most of every minute.

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