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My name is Brian LeSeur, founder, owner, and head Trainer for LeSeurs Training Systems. I am a 2007 graduate from Barrington High School and in my time there, I had the pleasure of being a member of two of BHS’s finest athletic programs-football and track and field. In football, I was starting wide receiver on Varsity for two years running and in track I was All-State for two years, placing 5th in the 400m dash as well as the 4x400m relay. I am proud to say that I hold many records for the BHS Track Team.


After high school, I played football for the Harper Hawks and was their starting wide receiver for the National Championship Team in 2009. Two years into my career at Harper, I transferred to Elmhurst College and played football there for a year before starting LeSeur Training Systems.


In developing my program, I geared my focus toward developing young athletes and training them for success. My first client was Chase Murdock, when he was 13 years old. My first coaching gig began with the heavy weight big-ten team in 2012 under Head Coach Jeff Holdsberg. I received instant recognition for the results that I brought to the team and I now work with dozens of players at every level in Barrington High School athletics. I don’t just teach players how to lift and work out. Instead, I teach them how to train for their sport; how to push themselves and their bodies to the limit in order to achieve success and dominate. The athletes that I work with don’t view me as a trainer forcing them do something they don’t want to be doing; they view me as their friend or big brother, pushing them to be their very best self.


I have three values I hold dear to me in every aspect of life and I preach these to my athletes on a daily basis. They are:


•Never take anything for granted


•Dream! And don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not possible


•Always be loyal to those who support you because they are the ones who will be there to keep you going, even when you feel like it’s time to quit

Over the last couple of years I developed a training program that has produced maximum results from every athlete I’ve worked with. I use a combination of old school and cutting edge training methods in order to help my athletes reach their peak potential, ensuring they always perform at their best. Based on current and past success seen from the athletes I have trained, this program has been proven to work at the high school, college, and even pro level. I take pride in helping all athletes that I work with to reach their goals and achieve success. This helps them build confidence in themselves, camaraderie with their teammates, and ambition for their future.



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